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The Full Story

As animal enthusiasts, we value the lives of animals as a whole, including stray animals, as well as domesticated animals, however, we have always felt compassion for the stray animals in our local communities who are often injured and mistreated. We have come together as a partnership to share our unique talents in order to work towards the common goal of improving the quality of life for stray animals in our community and potentially bridging the gap between caring citizens and animals who need help. 



The Stray9 organization has a goal of providing appropriate care and shelter to stray animals in Mumbai. By connecting local citizens to nearby shelters through an easy-to-navigate app, anyone who notices a stray dog that seems injured or would need assistance can simply use the Stray-9 app to locate, and notify nearby animal shelters about the stray in need of help and where they can be found.

Stray puppy
stray puppies in a need for help


Simply put, we aim to better the lives of stray animals of mumbai. Bridging the gap between local citizens who want to provide help to strays, but don’t know how, and shelters/organisations that know how to provide this care and assistance is one of the ways we achieve our goal. Mumbai is a city that is highly populated by strays, and its (often) severe weather conditions along with irresponsible citizens make it a very tough place for strays to live in. Our foundation is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of vulnerable animals through a user-friendly app that connects concerned citizens with local shelters.

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Our Founders

Yash Patel

The 17 year old has managed to combine his passion for animals with his love for coding and app development to design a software that aims to improve the lives of stray animals in his vicinity. Yash Patel is a student with phenomenal academic achievements. As someone who has great ambition towards sports and fitness he dedicates his time to the gym and cricket. He has also spent his time coding and working towards his academic goals. Having noticed the dismissive behaviour towards stray animals in need, he has decided to work to help make a difference.

human with puppy in lap

Brad Pagdiwalla

Brad Pagdiwala is an extremely driven individual who has dedicated a lot of time towards learning his musical instruments, and focusing on his academic ventures involving the sciences and mathematics. As an experienced pet owner, he has always enjoyed the company of animals, and has noticed the unjust way in which stray animals are treated within his locality. As a passionate animal-lover, he was also driven towards making a change and improving the situation for the stray animals in his community. 

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