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Chennai, a bustling metropolis in southeastern India, grapples with a significant population of stray animals, facing daily challenges and often lacking basic necessities like food and shelter. Despite these hardships, compassionate efforts persist to improve their lives and promote coexistence in the city.

Stray9, with its innovative approach, can make a significant impact in Chennai's community of stray dogs. By leveraging technology and community engagement, Stray9 aims to enhance the well-being of these furry friends. The app allows users to report sightings, provide food, and seek medical attention for stray dogs, thereby creating a more organized and efficient system for their care.

Through Stray9, Chennai residents can easily connect with local animal welfare organizations and volunteers, fostering a stronger sense of community involvement in stray dog welfare. The app also educates users about responsible pet ownership, promoting sterilization and vaccination programs to curb the stray dog population and ensure their health.

By harnessing the power of technology and collaboration, Stray9 has the potential to transform the lives of Chennai's stray dogs, providing them with the care and support they deserve. It aligns with the city's compassionate spirit and can pave the way for a brighter future for both humans and their canine companions.

The Team

Team Chennai, a vibrant and dedicated group, is on a mission to bring positive change to the heart of South India. This diverse and resilient team is united by a common goal — to create meaningful impact in Chennai's community, both human and animal.

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Tanay Shah

Chennai Lead

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