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3 puppies sleeping

Our Work

Our ultimate goal is to improve the overall quality of life for these animals, ensuring they receive the necessary attention, healthcare, and nutrition they need to thrive. You will see numerous projects we have worked on to achieve our goals. 

Simulated screenshot of an app showing the near by animal clinics


Stray-9 App

Our purpose-driven app has been meticulously crafted to achieve our objectives with precision. Currently operational in Mumbai, India, the app harnesses the power of Apple navigation systems and GPS road mapping to effectively locate nearby animal shelters. By utilizing this technology, the app efficiently identifies the user's location and determines the closest shelter in proximity. Subsequently, this vital information is transmitted to the identified shelter, enabling them to promptly respond, accurately identify, and extend assistance to the animal reported by the user.


Physical Involvement

We strive to work physically towards the cause as well. This involves providing medical attention to strays in need and also spaying/neutering to help the cause. Further we feed upto 30 dogs daily and host large feeding drives where we feed upto 100 dogs.

puppy on the vet's table
human feeding and playing with dogs


Hosting Events

We plan to host events that bring many animals and their loved ones together to allow animal enthusiasts to connect with one another and get more involved in this important yet often ignored cause.

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