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In Mumbai and Chennai, two vibrant and dynamic metropolises of India, our journey began as a testament to the power of compassion and community. Our presence in these cities, initially rooted in a shared vision to make a positive impact, has blossomed into thriving branches that mirror the spirit and diversity of these urban landscapes.

In Chennai, amidst its rich cultural tapestry, our team has worked tirelessly to address the unique challenges faced by stray animals and foster a sense of unity among its residents. Meanwhile, in the bustling financial hub of Mumbai, we've harnessed innovation to make significant strides in the welfare of both humans and animals.

As we continue to expand, our footprint is not just geographical; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating positive change wherever we go. Our branches in Chennai and Mumbai are just the beginning. We're driven by a shared mission to extend our reach, engage with new communities, and multiply our impact. Together, we're creating a brighter, more compassionate future, one city at a time.



Mumbai, India's financial capital, hosts a dynamic community of stray dogs. These resilient canines have adapted to the city's hustle and bustle, forming special connections with Mumbai's residents. Amidst the urban sprawl and fast-paced life, these strays embody the city's inclusive and compassionate ethos.



Chennai, a bustling metropolis in southeastern India, grapples with a significant population of stray animals, facing daily challenges and often lacking basic necessities like food and shelter. Despite these hardships, compassionate efforts persist to improve their lives and promote coexistence in the city.



Jaipur, a city renowned for its rich heritage and vibrant culture, is home to a resilient and diverse community of stray dogs. These lovable canines, amidst the city's majestic palaces and bustling bazaars, have become an integral part of Jaipur's unique charm. They navigate the streets forming bonds with locals and visitors, embodying the city's spirit of warmth and resilience.


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The Mumbai office was where it all began. It's the place where our project took root, driven by a shared vision to make a difference in this bustling metropolis. With a passionate team, we laid the foundation for a space that embodies innovation, collaboration, and positive change. This office represents our deep commitment to Mumbai's community and our belief that, together, we can create a meaningful impact in this vibrant city.

The start of our dog food drive marked the beginning of a compassionate journey. It began with a simple yet powerful idea — to provide nourishment and care to the stray dogs in our community. With unwavering dedication and a shared commitment to making a positive impact, we organized our first dog food drive. This beginning laid the foundation for our ongoing mission to ensure that every hungry dog receives a meal and a glimmer of hope every day.

We've raised an impressive 11,00,000 rupees for dog welfare, and our commitment to continue the food drives is stronger than ever. This substantial achievement is a testament to the generosity and compassion of our community. With these funds, we can ensure that our food drives for stray dogs continue to provide much-needed nourishment and care, making a positive impact in the lives of these furry companions.

Our expansion to Chennai was a significant milestone in our journey to create positive change. Chennai, a diverse and vibrant city, presented unique opportunities and challenges that we were eager to address. With a passionate team at the helm, we embraced the local community and its rich cultural tapestry.

September brought excitement as we launched our newsletter, a new channel to connect with our community. Packed with heartwarming stories and updates, it's a platform to share our mission's progress and strengthen the bond with fellow animal advocates. This small but impactful step is set to amplify our voice and spread the ripple of compassion wider than ever before. So we bring to you: BarkStreet Journal

Our expansion to Jaipur represents an essential chapter in our journey to create positive change across India. With a team dedicated to the welfare of stray animals, our presence in the Pink City exemplifies our commitment to fostering compassion and a more caring environment.

As we celebrate the treatment of 100 dogs, each mark on the chart represents a life touched and a story rewritten. From the initial challenges to the remarkable moments of recovery, the chart mirrors the resilience of these animals and the commitment of our compassionate team. It serves as a visual reminder of the impact we've made, inspiring us to continue our mission and reach even greater heights in the pursuit of a world where every stray dog receives the care and compassion it deserves.

The last month was one of the most hectic months of Stray9's journey. With the rescuing of over 100 strays in one month across India. We reached a total number of 250 strays. Our total expense for the month was a little under Rupees 13,00,000.

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